Maximize your child’s learning and/or reading potential with Carp Village Tutoring. We use a personalized approach that utilizes your child’s learning style during each tutoring session to ensure they stay engaged and continuously learn throughout every session. Whether your child needs extra help understanding one particular concept at school or needs more regular support, we are here to help! Enrol your child today!

The Multisensory Approach

Carp Village Tutoring adopts a multisensory approach to teaching its students. It is a very flexible and dynamic approach that encompasses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning, giving students a better chance to fully understand and master new concepts. Each child’s tutoring program is specifically tailored to their learning style and learning needs.
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Beginning September 1st we have a new, incredibly easy to use, online booking system where you will be able to sign in and book tutoring sessions instantly for the subject(s) you need.

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Our subjects include:

All elementary and high school subjects including French and Orton-Gillingham therapy. 


$45 - $55
  • 45 minute or 1 hour sessions
  • Bundle Pricing Available
  • Subjects as listed above


  • 45 minute or 1 hour sessions
  • Bundle Pricing Available
  • Spelling, Reading, Writing

"Providing Your Kids With More Learning Opportunities"


"Sarah is amazing! She helped my daughter to get her reading up to par! Highly recommend her!"
Jenn (2019)
"Working with Sarah was very helpful. She helped me with my vowels and sounds so I could read better. She was definitely nice, very patient, and explained things very well. Even if it took me five minutes to read a word, she was nice and waited it out until I got it."
J (2019)
My daughter was identified as very intelligent, but also diagnosed with a reading and writing learning disability (the definition of dyslexia, although the term is not used in our education system). She was reading at a very low level, not getting the needed support at school, and identifying herself as stupid. We were searching for tutors who were trained to teach dyslexic students to read when we discovered Carp Tutoring and Sarah Reid. Meghan loves attending her sessions and her reading has improved dramatically, so much so that my daughter is now reading at home! I can't say enough about the professionalism and compassion of the staff at Carp Tutoring. Highly recommended!!
Andrew (2020)

"Personalized Learning for Everyone!"

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